Welcome to the first episode of Juiced TV in 2024!

Brucie the Koala is here to kick off the year with some heartwarming adventures from the Queensland Children’s Hospital!

Dive into the magical world of animation with Jaiden, Raven, and our wonderful hospital school, as they learn the secrets behind bringing animated characters to life!

Then we are off on an incredible journey to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, where our amazing Juiced TV Superstars and their families enjoy a day filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Ever wonder what a hospital kitchen looks like? Well look no further because Ashlin takes us around the Mackay Base Hospital kitchen and even whips up a yummy treat!

And finally the team from Stem Punks shows us how to code robots and create our own robo-rodeo! So many incredible memories packed in to one episode, and this year is just getting started!

Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation

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