Join Archer on an unforgettable episode of Juiced TV, straight from the heart of Queensland Children’s Hospital!

Get ready to learn a positivity-packed Auslan message with Twinkle David as our amazing Superstars showcase their signing skills! We meet the incredible Nate at a Mackay-based hospital, where he shares the things that light up his world… But before we get there, our resident prankster Gnomeo makes sure things don’t go quite to plan…

Hold on tight as Abbey gets up close and personal with her Rugby League heroes, the Gold Coast Titans!

The hospital is buzzing with energy as our kids dive into the fast and fun world of the 5 Second Scramble – a game that will leave you laughing and cheering! And of-course there’s a good ol’ laugh fest with some behind-the-scenes bloopers!

Don’t miss out on this heartwarming episode filled with joy, inspiration, and the resilient spirit of our incredible Juiced TV family!

Host: Archer
Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation, Twinkle David and the Gold Coast Titans.

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