Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards

Along the 6 year journey of making Juiced TV we’ve met many amazing people within the hospital community,
who come from all walks of life.

All of these people are hospital heroes to us. They may be volunteers, nurses, doctors, health professionals, teachers, surgeons, porters, cleaners, café staff and administration teams, to name a few!

With QSuper’s support, we want to acknowledge and recognise the outstanding work these hospital heroes do in caring for kids during their stay in hospital. That’s why we’re asking patients and families of the Queensland Children’s Hospital and Mackay Base Hospital to tell us who their hospital hero is.

All nominees will go in the running to receive ‘Juiced TV’s Super Hero Award’ and feature in their very own segment of Juiced TV. Where possible, The Juiced TV Crew will also arrange for the nominating patient/family to participate in Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards segment to interview their winning nominee!

The winner of each round will be announced on Juiced TV’s Facebook Page

How to nominate your Super Hero!

  1. Click the link below and tell us in 150 words or less why your nominee is a super hero to you.
  2. You must be a parent or guardian 18 years or over to submit the form on behalf of yourself, or a child that has received care from the nominee.
  3. Ensure your nominee currently works at the Queensland Children’s Hospital or Mackay Base Hospital.

Celebrating our Juiced TV Super Hero Award Winners

Learn more about our Juiced TV Super Hero Awards Winners

For any questions or help with submitting your nomination, please contact [email protected] or phone 0401 416 649.

Winners will be determined by the Juiced TV Advisory Board and QSuper Staff, in consultation with Children’s Health Queensland.