The Juiced App

The Juiced App is available now!

Our new app brings together entertainment and education to improve the hospital journey. Our interactive digital playground provides a safe environment for kids to watch and interact with Juiced TV, while our world-first a ‘Health Hub’ gives clinicians access our huge library of health literacy content – made by kids, for kids.

Juiced App

Digital Playground

An endless supply of Juiced TV is now accessible for kids no matter what hospital they’re in! Users can create an anonymous profile, easily search for content in any category, and interact with our content in a safe environment.

Hospital Journeys

We know that hospital can be a really scary place – and that’s why we’re building the largest library of health literacy content that’s made by the kids, for the kids! Available for patients and families at hospitals that provide the Juiced service, our Hospital Journey portal can help to reduce procedural anxiety and empower patients during their healthcare journey.

Health Hub

The Health Hub is the first of its kind, providing healthcare practitioners a digital offering of video content specifically tailored to kids and their families – pre or during hospital journey.

Each content piece is produced to help kids navigate the hospital setting, their upcoming treatment or in-hospital and at-home care. This content is also created by the kids, for the kids.