It’s time to spin the wacky wheel with our amazing host Grace!  Today, we’re going to learn an important lesson: Variety is the spice of life!

Our friend Zoe is here to kick things off with a fantastic segment. She’ll share her three most beloved book recommendations that have touched her heart and will surely inspire you too!  Get ready to dive into the world of imagination and adventure!

Next up, it’s time for some gaming fun! Jack is going to unveil his top three Nintendo Switch games that he absolutely adores. Get your controllers ready, because you might discover your new favourite game to play!

In this heartwarming segment, we have some special guests! The QLD Reds Rugby Union Team is making a surprise visit to the hospital. They’ll chat about rugby, share their love for the sport, and play fun games with the kids. It’s all about spreading smiles and positivity!

To wrap up our incredible adventure, we’re going to meet some inspiring Paralympians. These remarkable athletes will show us that no dream is too big and that we should never give up on our goals. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by their incredible stories!

Join Grace and her fantastic guests as they prove that life is all about trying new things and embracing the wonderful world of variety. Let’s explore the whacky wheel of life together!

Hosts: Grace, Zoe, Jack, James
Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation and the QLD REDS

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