Whoop Whoop Whoop!
In today’s thrilling episode, Matilda takes the helm as we dive into the incredible world of emergency services, and we’ve got a lineup that’s sure to make your heart race with excitement!
First up, join Layla and Jack as they open the doors of an ambulance and meet the incredible paramedic Amy!  Explore the life-saving equipment, hear the sirens, and learn about the heroes who rush to help those in need.
Get ready for a dose of laughter and learning as Brian hosts an epic game show round of “Hospital Hijinks.”
Follow Frank on a fascinating forensic case to solve the mystery of the missing cupcake!  Join him in this thrilling adventure to uncover the clues and crack the case. Who’s the cupcake culprit? It’s a sweet mystery you won’t want to miss!
And that’s not all! A group of amazing kids from Queensland Children’s Hospital are in for a treat as they watch our fearless firefighters in action! Witness their bravery as they tackle tough challenges, and get inspired by the real heroes who keep our communities safe.
This episode is all about celebrating the heroes who rush to the rescue when we need them most. It’s a day filled with learning, laughter, and incredible adventures!
Hosts: Matilda, Jack, Layla, Brian
Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation

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