Although he’s well known for cracking a joke, Dr Ben Anderson’s passion for his work is no joke!

First treating Havana’s heart condition when she was only three months old, Dr Ben has become ‘one of the family’ over the past twelve years. He most recently celebrated Havana participating in school sport for the first time due to her positive recovery and health plan.

Because of their special bond, Havana and her family could think of no one more deserving to receive Juiced TV’s Super Hero Award, sponsored by QSuper (a part of Australian Retirement Trust).

“Dr Ben is just like family. Havana trusts him in every sense, and if he tells her she is going to be okay she really does believe him,” Havana’s mother, Jamie, said.

The centrepiece of Havana and Dr Ben’s unique relationship has been their shared humour.

“I’m not sure when it started, but now before every appointment Havana will search the internet for a few jokes and save them to read to Dr Ben,” Jamie said.

Without fail, the cheesy jokes Havana and Dr Ben exchange bring a big smile to both their faces.

“I am in a very privileged spot to watch kids like Havana grow up. You get to know them, watch them go through their developmental stages and grow up into little humans,” Dr Ben said.

“The children, especially Havana, are funny. Their honest observations just make my day.”

One of these ‘honest observations’ in more recent times has been the dry material Dr Ben has been working with. Havana’s solution was to gift him a joke book so he can improve and maybe get to her level.

Jokes aside, Dr Ben has also gone above and beyond in offering comfort to Havana when times are tough, Jamie sharing that Dr Ben made a detour every day of Havana’s last five-week admission just to check in.

“Dr Ben just cares. My husband and I have always said if he ever left that hospital, we’d have to follow him. We just couldn’t go with somebody else, he’s amazing,” Jamie said.

This admiration is reciprocated, Dr Ben considering himself lucky to have been there for Havana and her family throughout her entire health journey. He is touched to be recognised in this awards program.

Dr Ben is one of many Super Heroes improving hospital life for their young patients. If you know a Super Hero at the Queensland Children’s or Mackay Base Hospital, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.