“He really is someone special”

At 10 years old Coopah-lee became a patient at the Queensland Children’s Hospital after she suffered a series of falls, and doctors discovered a spinal tumour – which might have left her unable to walk…

But, now 13, ‘Coops’ is not just walking – but dancing!

And there’ someone she thinks deserves a big thank you: paediatric neurosurgeon Dr Norman Ma, the latest winner of our latest Super Hero Awards proudly supported by QSuper.

“He’s done so much for me and I wanted everyone to know how kind he is, and how supportive he is, and how good at his job he is” she said.

“I was really lost and scared but now – because of Dr Ma – I’m really hopeful for the future. That’s why I dressed up as him for super hero day at school. Most people dressed up as Batman and Superman, but I dressed up as Dr Ma because he saved me and made me be able to walk again. I was really grateful for it. He is my super hero.”

Bonnie, Coops’ mother, described an instant connection between Dr Ma and her daughter.

“They even gave the tumour a name, ‘Lumphrey Humphrey”

She explained that Dr Ma’s support extended to the whole family.

“It was really scary. He was so calm, and so empathetic. He had this way of making me feel so calm, that everything was going to be ok.”

Dr Ma said he feels honoured to be part of Coops’ journey.

“I meet lovely and beautiful kids, and I can help them. I help them with doing surgeries on their brains and spines. It’s a privilege to be nominated but I am not the hero alone in their story,” Dr Ma said.

“It takes a very brave girl to come into the hospital, and then undergo major surgery. She is an inspiration to other kids.”

QSuper’s partnership with Juiced TV gives children and their families within Queensland hospitals the opportunity to both acknowledge and thank their dedicated hospital ‘Superheroes’.

Dr Norman Ma is one of many Super Heroes helping patients achieve their dreams. If you have a Super Hero at the hospital, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.