Put your hands together for our latest Super Hero Awards winner, proudly supported by QSuper – Dr Chris Fraser! Chris was nominated by 11-year-old Eli from Rockhampton who spent 6 months in hospital after being diagnosed with Leukemia. With this of course comes a lot of concern and questions and Eli and his family have recognised the incredible work of Chris and deemed him as their hospital hero.

Chris is a Paediatric Oncologist and director of the Blood and Marrow transplant program at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and is extremely deserving of this award because, “he has been so helpful to our family, and we were so appreciative to have a strong male role-model looking out for Eli,” Samantha, Eli’s mum explained.
She went on to share that Chris was the only one who knew how to calm Eli down when “Eli was so overwhelmed”.

“Eli is such a tough kid. He showed bravery, constantly asking me tough questions and coped well with going through the treatment for his leukemia,” shared Chris.

Beyond the diagnosis of Leukemia, Eli faced several more medical challenges during his time in hospital including a Giardia infection, Pseudomonas, a ruptured appendix and more. Chis was there every step of the way and continued to reassure Eli that everything was going to be ok.
Chris explained, “I love working with children because they don’t have hidden agendas, they will always be honest with me and tell me how they are feeling”.

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