Happy Valentine’s Day from Juiced TV!

Join our latest Juiced TV Superstar Anthony at the Queensland Children’s Hospital for a heartwarming episode filled with love and laughter. First up, dive into the beautiful world of sign language with David as he teaches us the universal gesture of love.

Then, head over to Jocelyn’s Bakery with the talented Jana as she whips up delectable sweet treats that will make your taste buds swoon!

But wait, there’s more love to share! Meet the remarkable Lachlan as he shares his passions and interests, reminding us all that love comes in many forms. And of course, no Juiced TV episode is complete without a sprinkle of laughter! Stick around for some hilarious bloopers because, hey, we all make mistakes and laughter is the best medicine.

Join us in spreading love and joy this Valentine’s Day with Juiced TV!

Host: Anthony

Special Thanks To: Queensland Children’s Hospital