Our fantastic host Nav is ready to lead you on a thrilling journey that is truly Out of the Ordinary!

Get ready to slam dunk with us as we head over to Nissan Arena for a game of basketball with the Brisbane Bullets! You’ll witness incredible dunks, skillful plays, and learn what it’s like to play with the pros. It’s a slam-tastic start to our adventure!

The adventure continues as we visit The Queensland Children’s Hospital School, where the incredible Bonnie Hancock shares her remarkable story of kayaking all the way around Australia. Her courage and determination will inspire you, and you’ll see that even the wildest dreams can come true!

Hold onto your hats as we meet Chloe, the teenage bull rider! Join us as we learn about the thrill, challenges, and exhilaration of bull riding. Chloe’s fearless spirit and dedication will leave you in awe.

Our extraordinary adventure doesn’t stop there! We have a special treat for you as Olivia meets Xantheia Pennisi, an Olympic high diver. Dive into the world of high diving, learn what it takes to make those incredible flips and twists, and be inspired by Xantheia’s incredible journey to the Olympic stage.

Hosts: Nav, Byron
Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation, Brisbane Bullets, Bonnie Hancock

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