Who’s ready for an adventure?

Hosted by our latest Juiced TV Superstar Jed from Queensland Children’s Hospital, this episode of Juiced TV is a tapestry of joy, inspiration, and the occasional dragon! We share a musical odyssey at Yarrabilba Place with the incredible Kath, as she leads a captivating music lesson, and unveils the enchanting power of melodies that heal and uplift. Then we meet the spirited Isla and discover her fervour for Rugby League and Touch Football! Be inspired as she shares her love for sports and the resilience that defines her journey.  Dive into a world of colours and creativity! Artist Martin Edge joins forces with the talented Harlen for a painting extravaganza, sharing laughs and forging a beautiful bond through art.

Step into the enchanting realm of dance as we go backstage with the Ballet International Gala dancers! Come along for our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their rehearsals and learn what goes into creating the magic on stage with our questions from the kids. Get ready for an episode that celebrates resilience, creativity, and the unbreakable spirit of our young Juiced TV Superstars!

Juiced TV: The TV Show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital.

Host: Jed

Special Thanks To: Queensland Children’s Hospital and Yarrabilba Family and Community Place