Birdies, Boogies, Champions!
Welcome back, Juiced TV fans! Our return superstar host, Grace, is ready to take you on an adventure like never before in “Birdies, Boogies, Champions!” Get ready for a day filled with excitement, creativity, and heartwarming moments.
PGA Tour Adventure with Jacob
Join Jacob as he embarks on a thrilling journey to the PGA Tour in Brisbane! Watch as he rubs shoulders with famous golfers, takes a swing himself, and shares his inspiring story of discovering the joy of golf. It’s a hole-in-one experience you won’t want to miss!
Boogie Green Slime – Khloe’s Clever Day Off
Hold on to your seats as Khloe with a K comes up with a brilliant plan to get a day off school! Tune in to see her creative process as she concocts boogie green slime. Will her ingenious plan work? Find out in this hilarious and imaginative segment.
Birmba Cast Visits Queensland Children’s Hospital
Get ready for a cultural and educational experience as the cast of Birmba visits the Queensland Children’s Hospital. They share the richness of First Nation language and storytelling with the kids, creating a magical and inclusive atmosphere. Join in as we celebrate diversity and storytelling traditions!
Putt Putt Competition at Victoria Park
The grand finale takes us to Victoria Park, where kids from the hospital showcase their putting skills in a thrilling Putt Putt Competition. Watch as the competition heats up, and champions emerge on the mini-golf course. It’s a day of fun, laughter, and friendly competition!
Hosts: Grace, Jacob, Emilia, Khloe, Ash, Leo
Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation, QPAC, PGA of Australia, Royal Queensland Golf Club

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