One for All and All for One!

Join us for an unforgettable episode of Juiced TV where unity, creativity, and inclusivity take center stage! Your host, the incredible Mia, is ready to guide you through a day filled with joy and heartwarming moments.

Step into the world of imagination as kids showcase their unique lab coat designs in an epic Lab Coat Fashion Show. Watch as creativity knows no bounds, and these young designers hit the catwalk with style and flair, proving that science can be seriously stylish!

Get ready to move and groove as the talented “Bring a Plate” dance company visits the Queensland Children’s Hospital. From a mesmerizing dance performance to an interactive dance workshop, they spread the powerful message that everyone can dance, regardless of abilities. Join the dance party and feel the rhythm!

In this heartwarming segment, the Children’s Hospital Foundation hosts a special Bravery Buddies workshop. Tegan and TikTok Star Farmer Andy join forces to inspire kids to decorate their own Bravery Buddies dolls, promoting inclusivity for children undergoing chemotherapy. Watch as these personalized dolls become symbols of strength and courage.

The grand finale takes us to an exciting encounter with Sporting Wheelies. Kids from the Queensland Children’s Hospital get a chance to meet a professional wheelchair basketball team, proving that sports are for everyone. Witness the incredible skill and teamwork as the barriers of ability are broken on the basketball court.

Hosts: Mia, Seth, Evelyn, Lilah, Slater
Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation, Bring-a-Plate, Bravery Buddies

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