Welcome to a special Juiced TV episode, “100 Years of Disney,” hosted by the enchanting Shayla!  Join us on a magical journey as we celebrate a century of Disney movies, spreading smiles and magic to kids everywhere.

Disney Princesses Bring Magic to Queensland Children’s Hospital:
In our first segment, experience the joy as iconic Disney Princesses visit the Queensland Children’s Hospital, bringing enchantment and smiles to young hearts. Join the princesses on this heartwarming adventure filled with laughter, joy, and magical moments.

A Magical Tour of Disneyland with Abby:
Next up, our fantastic host Abby takes you on an exclusive tour of the happiest place on Earth—Disneyland! Explore the wonders of this magical kingdom, from classic attractions to new adventures. Get ready for a virtual journey that captures the essence of Disney’s timeless magic.

Premiere Screening of The Marvels:
In the third segment, buckle up for an exciting premiere screening of “The Marvels.” Join Soraya and Roxi as they give you an insider’s look at this epic Disney experience, filled with superheroes, action, and thrilling moments. It’s a cinematic adventure that showcases Disney’s diverse storytelling and entertainment.

Disney Animation Exhibit at Queensland Museum:
Finally, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Disney animation at the Queensland Museum. Join our Juiced Superstars as they explore an extraordinary exhibit, delving into the artistry and creativity behind Disney’s animated classics. Discover the evolution of beloved characters and the magic that has captured hearts for a century.

Join us for an unforgettable celebration of 100 Years of Disney on this special Juiced TV episode.

Special thanks to: Children’s Hospital Foundation, Enchanted Enterprises, Event Cinemas, Shout Communications

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