Who can be invited as the ‘one guest’?

Due to the limited capacity we have for the event, we can only accommodate for one parent or guardian (18+ years) per patient.


Where do we park?

Paid parking is available underneath the hospital or directly across the road at the Hancock St carpark. Nearby street parking is also available.


Where do we meet when we arrive?

The pre-awards entertainment will take place outside at the big pink bunny (near the drop off zone at the back of the hospital). We will then make our way down the red carpet to the performance space for our awards ceremony.


What if we can’t make it to the hospital for the beginning of the event at 5pm?

It’s totally fine! The official awards ceremony begins at 6pm – this is the most important part!


What do I wear?!

We don’t care what you wear, just as long as you’re there!

The invitation says ‘dress to impress’ – but come in your PJ’s, come in your Sunday Best – as long as you are comfortable and wearing a smile - that’s all that matters to us.


What happens if our Juiced Star has a respiratory condition like Cystic Fibrosis?

The Juicies Awards Night is an incredible evening full of fun - but like everything we do, patient safety always comes first.

Those who have a respiratory condition like Cystic Fibrosis will receive a coloured wrist band so they can be easily identified for other immunocompromised patients.





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