By putting herself in the shoes of her patients and championing positivity, Phillipa’s patented kindness in the Queensland Children’s Hospital has seen her named the latest recipient of Juiced TV’s Super Hero Award, proudly supported by QSuper, part of Australian Retirement Trust.  


Nominated by 17-year-old Kissy, the story of the Phillipa’s selflessness started with a simple introduction in an oncology ward and has grown into a relationship that saw the pair modelling wigs on the news.  


“Knowing that we have someone in the hospital like Phillipa who we can rely on and who will back our treatment plan is such a reassurance,” Kissy’s mother, Winnie, said.  


“From helping to explain treatments to really investing her time in getting to know us, we feel she is an incredible practitioner.”  



Kissy knew Philippa was more than just a regular nurse when she would go above and beyond for not only her patients, but their families too, taking the time to explain medical jargon and how to properly care for them between chemotherapy sessions. 


“As great as the oncologists were at explaining what was happening, it was also really overwhelming to hear as a mother,” Winnie said. 


“Philippa went one step further, guiding both Kissy and I through the next steps, really taking the time to explain what everything meant and answer all my questions.


“She really made it easier for me to support my daughter through the toughest time of her young life.” 


Designed to recognise one of Australian Retirement Trust’s largest member bases, the Juiced TV Super Hero Awards Program aims to shine a light on medical and support staff—the doctors, nurses, volunteers and others—who, like Phillipa, selflessly dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of others.