Our ninth Juiced TV Super Hero has been announced! Congratulations to Dr Steve Foresto on being the latest Juiced TV Super Hero Awards Winner, proudly supported by QSuper!

Jasper’s hospital journey started 12 months ago after he found a suspicious lump during a game of Soccer, the family rushed Jasper to the hospital to find out about his sudden Ewing’s Sarcoma diagnosis. Mum Karli described this experience as one of the worst of their lives. “We came to the hospital on the morning after hearing Jasper had a sarcoma, we were in shock and had no information about what we were dealing with,” Karli said.

Thankfully Dr Steve Foresto has been there for the family from the very beginning. Jasper explained “it was very scary at first, but I quickly realised there was lots of amazing people here to look after me”. Dr Steve has been a vital part of Jaspers treatment and explained, “in a treatment plan there’s so many different teams as part of the treatment and then to be able to try help steer a patient through their treatment and coordinate their care can be really rewarding”.

“We have a really close relationship. We can talk to each other about serious, frank discussions about treatment, but we can also have a joke, where we’re not having to talk about the difficulty of cancer treatment.”

Jasper has shown absolute determination and drive throughout his hospital journey with the support of his family, friends and of course, Dr Steve. Jasper also mentioned, “he’s an amazing man that always makes me feel safe every time I visit the hospital”, one of the many reasons why we love to shine the light and recognise these incredible heroes!

Jasper has finished his treatment and is on the road to recovery thanks to Dr Steve and the team at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

QSuper’s partnership and support allows Juiced TV to increase the positive impact the program has for kids and their families at the hospital, and also throughout regional hospitals across Queensland with the ‘Juiced Box’ mobile application.

Steve is one of many Super Heroes helping patients achieve their dreams. If you have a Super Hero at the hospital, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards here.