Five years after undergoing brain surgery, Keanu has returned to the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) to recognise the healthcare hero who saved his life.

The procedure that gave Keanu a full life ahead of him was performed by leading neurosurgeon, Gert Tollesson. In recognition of his bright future, Keanu nominated Gert the next recipient of the Juiced TV Super Hero Awards, proudly supported by QSuper, part of Australian Retirement Trust.

In the month’s during Keanu’s recovery, he became affectionately known as the ‘professor’ among his medical team; a nickname bestowed on him by Gert.

“Keanu was always an inquisitive person. Despite going through a traumatic brain surgery, he was always googling and researching different things to help him understand what had happened,” Gert said.

At one point, Ken shared, Keanu was even quizzing the residents in training during their rounds—at Gert’s encouragement.

“Keanu is a really special person, and I am honoured to be a part of his life,” Gert said.

“I have no doubt that Keanu will forge his own path and apply his ‘professor’ mind to whatever takes his interest. I have learnt so much from him and am eager to cheer him on,” Gert said.

Going above and beyond for all his patients, Gert is a deserving recipient in the Super Hero Award program which is designed to shine a light on medical and support staff—the doctors, nurses, volunteers and others—who selflessly dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of others.  

If you know a Super Hero at the Queensland Children’s or Mackay Base Hospitals, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.