We are so pleased to announce our first ever regional winner, Clinical Nurse Coordinator of the Pads Clinic, Raelene! Raelene was nominated by rising local football star Mark, 13, for helping to make his hospital stay a little easier.

Since a very young age, Mark has been training to be a professional rugby league player and after a football camp, Mark was experiencing severe pain, vomiting and high temperatures which led him to be admitted to Mackay Base Hospital in early 2020.

The stress of the hospital is quite overwhelming, but it was a stroke of luck that Marks mother Paula knew somebody at the hospital. She explained that “All of the nurses were amazing, but it was just knowing someone on the ward and having Raelene assure us that everything was OK. She’s just a beautiful, caring, kind-hearted lady.”

As a result of Raelene’s incredible work and commitment to the family, Mark nominated Raelene for the Juiced TV Super Hero Award to recognise and celebrate her amazing work.

“Raelene just made my experience better. She was always going that extra bit further for me. She was always checking up on me and updating me” explained Mark.

Watch the heart-warming journey between Mark, his mother Paula and Raelene by clicking the link below:

Raelene is one of many Super Heroes helping patients achieve their dreams. If you have a Super Hero at the Queensland Children’s Hospital or Mackay Base Hospital, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.

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