The Queensland Children’s Hospital School was filled with the voices of students as they sang out, “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land”, during a special Virtual Visit from Adam Goodes!

During an exclusive reading of his book Somebody’s Land, Adam shared with the kids the important message that the land that we now call Australia is, and always has been, the land of the Traditional Owners. As the QCH School students listened to the storytelling of Adam and Ellie Laing and enjoyed the illustrations of David Hardy, they learned more about the importance of recognising First Nations history, joining Adam in a powerful recognition that the land was never ‘Terra Nullius’, or ‘land belonging to no-one’.

Sharing this reading with our hospital community is particularly relevant today: Mabo Day, marking the 30th anniversary of the landmark decision which recognised in Australian law for the first time the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to their lands.

Just as the students do in their Acknowledgment of Country, Juiced TV acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Hosts: Queensland Children’s Hospital School Students

Special thanks to: Queensland Children’s Hospital and Adam Goodes

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