What Is The Juiced Box?

The 'Juiced Box' is our very own mobile application that gives patients in regional hospitals access to a library of full Juiced TV episodes, as well as clinical-based content to help reduce anxiety and isolation for patients during their hospital journey.


This service is currently available at The Townsville Hospital, Mackay Base Hospital, and Bundaberg Base Hospital.


We're getting ready to launch the next phase of the Juiced Box, which will allow patients to create their own content for inclusion in Juiced TV episodes, regardless of which hospital they're in.

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In 2018 we took our first steps towards expanding the positive impact of Juiced TV, launching our 'Juiced Box' service at The Townsville Hospital.


The past four years of creating amazing experiences for sick kids and their families, has allowed us to understand just how important our Juiced TV community is in supporting, encouraging, and celebrating the achievements of our 'hospital heroes'.


Wanting to expand this community beyond the boundaries of hospital wall is what's driving the future of Juiced TV.

We're on a mission to entertain, connect, and empower this incredible community of hospital heroes during their hospital journey, no matter their location.


Juiced TV Road Trips

Are you a children’s hospital or ward wanting to find out how you can have Juiced TV at your hospital? We'd love to hear from you!

Contact us here to find out more.

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We know that patients of all ages, abilities and conditions benefit from being involved in our days of 'hands on happiness', and we're working to make sure that hospital heroes from across Queensland and the country, have the opportunity to be a part of the program.


We've already seen how launching the 'Juiced Box' mobile application to patients across Queensland, has given us an incredible opportunity to travel to to regional hospitals, to create local content, with local patients.

We'd like to thank our partners who have helped make the Juiced Box possible


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