Harry is no stranger to a Juiced TV microphone, and whilst he’s an absolute hero to us at Juiced TV, he experienced some pretty tough times along his hospital journey.

Harry acknowledges that his determination and the strength to carry on came from Queensland Children’s Hospital nurse, Cara who is the recipient of Juiced TV’s Super Hero Award, proudly supported by QSuper.

The awards program, now in its second round, provides the chance for children and their families to recognise Queensland Children’s Hospital medical and support staff who selflessly dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of others.

Check out the broadcast below of the heart-warming interview between Harry and Cara, highlighting their special bond, including their love for Marvel, and the reasons why Cara was nominated.

“I always looked forward to seeing her because she kept the ship steady sailing and made sure it didn’t sink,” Harry said.

Cara, joined Queensland Children’s Hospital in February 2015, as a Bachelor of Nursing graduate. She was surprised and flattered to learn of her nomination for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.

“I thought it was so beautiful that both Harry and his mum thought that way about me. My biggest goal is to make a positive impact to any family I come in contact with,” Cara said.

Harry’s mum, Natasha said she couldn’t have gotten through Harry’s time in hospital without Cara. “Cara would warmly care for Harry, while also baking treats for many of the patients and their families to enjoy.

All the nurses were great, but the reason Harry and I both voted for Cara was that she just went that extra mile. Her clinical skills are just above and beyond, which made us feel so safe,” she said.

Cara’s favourite part about nursing is seeing patients like Harry feel better.

QSuper’s partnership and support allows Juiced TV to increase the positive impact the program has for kids and their families at the hospital, and also throughout regional hospitals across Queensland with the ‘Juiced Box’ mobile application.

Congratulations again Cara! If you know someone like Cara, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.

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