Entering 2017 in true Juicy style!

Well we certainly kick started the year off in true Juicy style, creating a smorgasbord of amazing memories and jam packing a whole lot of laughs into the first month of 2017!

Our dazzling superstar host Mackenziee – never without glitter in her glorious hairdos – discovered what it’s like being a Harry Potter star when she interviewed Devon Murray, who plays Seamus Finnigan, in the films. Fun fact – none of the actors were shown what the Great Hall looked like before they started filming. The scene they used in the movie when they first walk in really is their very first time inside.

The magic continued when the incredible Dynamo magically appeared in the hospital to show off some gobsmacking tricks. Everyone’s jaws were left dropped to the ground, with the question ‘but how did he do that?!’ left on everyone’s lips.

The legendary Lewis and his awesome sister Brooke got some engines revving at their favourite show, Hollywood Stunt Driver, at Movie World. They thought we were just going to watch the show, but little did they know we had arranged a backstage tour through the garage and a meet and greet with he drivers for them to interview!

Kiah was first on the scene when the Queensland Police Dive Unit rolled up to the hospital with their enormous truck full of cool underwater gadgets. She did some thorough investigations and revealed just how this incredible unit find objects underwater, even when it’s pitch black! Kiah’s dad even got involved, putting on their blacked out head mask and letting Kiah be his eyes to show him the way.

We got in the Aussie spirit and celebrated in style with food, animals and sport. Frank invited us into his kitchen to show us how to whip up a delicious lamington storm, Lewis, Connar and their crews got up close and cuddly with some adorable Australian animals at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, while Josh and Jamie stepped onto the tennis court on their Brisbane International VIP access all areas tour!

Then it was time to put on our party hats, have a little jigaroo, eat some delicious cake and celebrate our SECOND BIRTHDAY! I know, we’re growing up so fast, right?! The hilarious sister duo Holly and Chloe led the birthday celebrations in our epic birthday episode. Things really started to sizzle when some of the Brisbane Heat boys dropped by the hospital. They probably thought they were going to talk about cricket, but oh no, our cheeky Rhianna had different things in store for them and they loved it! What’s a party without PUPPIES?! Guide Dogs Queensland brought some adorable future recruits to the hospital and if that didn’t melt our hearts already, watching our four-year-old host Jesse shower these pups in love and adoration sure did!

2017 has been a crazy whirlwind ride and we never want to get off! Bring on the next roller coaster loop-deloop…