Belle and Kate


“Kate was a light in amongst all that turmoil and horrible drama surrounding what happened with Belle”.

Young nine-year-old Belle has been riding horses since she could walk, but in October 2020 she fell off the horse and her life changed…

Belle’s critical horse-riding incident was likened to a full-impact car crash. She was rushed by helicopter to the Queensland Children’s Hospital and that’s when they met Kate.

Kate, in her role as Nurse Navigator Trauma Family Support, was there for the family from the moment she arrived at hospital. “Having Kate there as a base to ask any one of those hundreds of questions going through your head was an absolute life saver” explained Belle’s dad James.

The trauma service team was consistently blown away by Belle’s journey and she is now on the road to recovery. Just 10 months after after her accident, Belle has gained the courage to jump on a horse again.

After the leaps and bounds Belle was making thanks to Kate, it was a no-brainer for her to put Kate forward as her hospital hero. Kate explains, “while I am chuffed to be nominated for this award, I’m also very humbled because I am just one of many healthcare professionals who contribute to the care of our patients.”

Kate’s support has greatly impacted Belle’s entire family as James shared, “years down the track when Belle’s grown up and we’re talking about this like it was something that happened years ago, I think Kate is going to be one of those memories that is a positive and something nice that everyone remembers”.

Kate is one of many Super Heroes helping patients achieve their dreams. If you have a Super Hero at the hospital, help us to give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards.