It’s time to celebrate our latest Juiced TV Super Hero Awards Winner, proudly supported by QSuper. Congratulations to Paediatric Neurologist – Dr Adriane Sinclair!

Sophie nominated Dr Sinclair who has been managing Sophie’s care and rehabilitation at the Queensland Children’s Hospital for the past five years! “Dr Sinclair is amazing, and I appreciate everything she’s done for me all these past years” explained Sophie.

Sophie’s journey started at the young age of 4 when her parents realised that she was having a stroke. Acting immediately and taking her to be treated, Sophie is now looking towards a bright future thanks to her family and the ongoing support of Dr Adriane Sinclair!

Sophie explained that “Dr Sinclair has built my confidence; she’s been able to let me use my voice and she really understands what I’m going through”.

Dr Sinclair’s role was imperative for Sophie to continue recovering successfully and Dr Sinclair has been able to provide necessary medical care and appropriate therapy to continue on the road to recovery.

“It’s so important that kids who have had strokes get ongoing support into their teenage years because the challenges change overtime” explained Dr Sinclair.

The impact has not only benefited Sophie, but Dr Sinclair too. “It’s been so wonderful to be able to look after Sophie throughout her journey, while I’ve been able to provide the medical support that she’s needed, she’s been so inspiring to me because she’s got such a positive outlook on life”.

QSuper’s partnership and support allows Juiced TV to increase the positive impact the program has for kids and their families at the hospital, and also throughout regional hospitals across Queensland with the ‘Juiced Box’ mobile application.

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