Our Juiced TV Super Hero Awards program, proudly supported by QSuper is proud to announce our latest winner – Senior Dietitian, Ashleigh Hamilton! Ashleigh was nominated by patient Lily after she came to Jacaranda Place 10 months ago to work on increasing the variety of foods she was eating.

Ashleigh is part of the team working with Lily at Jacaranda Place and has guided Lily through her phobia of food, understanding the importance of nutrition and food intake. Lily has since shown significant change in her eating behaviours and understanding of food. She explains, “since working with Ashleigh I’ve learnt a lot about food and nutrition, and she makes it a lot more comfortable to be around food which was very daunting before I came here”.

“It’s been so amazing to see Lily get a better understanding of herself and what’s been going on, she is taking control of her own recovery” explained Ashleigh.

Watch their beautiful story here:

As a result of Ashleigh’s incredible work and time with the family, Lily nominated Ashleigh to recognise and celebrate her amazing work. Humbled by the award, Ashleigh was happy to share the award with Lily, Lily’s Aunt Amy, and the rest of the team. “Everyone here at Jacaranda place is really proud of what she’s achieved. She’s a very resilient young woman. She’s put so much of herself into her recovery,” Ashleigh said.

Lily, who is leaving Jacaranda Place after 10 months of care, shared that Ashleigh put in the effort to establish trust from the beginning. “Ashleigh means the world to me, and she’s been a great support” said Lily. A beautiful bond between Lily and Ashleigh, one to be treasured forever.

QSuper’s partnership and support allows Juiced TV to increase the positive impact the program has for kids and their families at the hospital, and also throughout regional hospitals across Queensland with the ‘Juiced Box’ mobile application.

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