Shelley's Story

“During my time at CHQ as the Executive Director of Nursing at LCCH, it was important to ensure we provided a positive, healthy culture and environment for staff and patients. Juiced TV contributed to achieving this by offering a program that supports to children and young adults that are convalescing from significant illness, elective surgeries and injuries. The novel approach of an in-house TV show to engage kids and at times families, assists in not only distracting from current circumstance but enhances personal social skills, communication skills, builds self esteem, and encourages enthusiasm as the kids genuinely look forward to participating. For me, Juiced TV is an innovative, novel patient and staff centered approach to value what they do and to recognise what they do and celebrate our work. I encourage and advocate continued support of Juiced TV.”

Shelley Nowlan - Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer QLD


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