Max’s Story

“As parents we think Juiced is great. Our involvement with Juiced TV started in 2014 when our 11-year old son Max was diagnosed with cancer. After two emergency brain surgeries and a dual craniotomy, Max underwent 12 months of chemotherapy and during that time he enjoyed watching the Juiced episodes whenever he was in hospital.

After a few very diffcult months, Max decided his best chance at finding a cure was to raise money for the Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank and he began fundraising by signing up to run in ‘Bridge to Brisbane’. It was at this point that Juiced TV became involved in Max’s life, first documenting his run and then involving him in several other episodes including a cooking show, reading the weather for the Today Show, and hosting a tour of Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank. Being involved with Juiced TV gave Max a sense of purpose when he was feeling low, and has documented his experiences as he manages living with cancer.”

Anthony Shearer - Father of Max


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